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Music Therapy; Still Debuting in South Dakota!

Music therapy services in South Dakota

Photo credit: Ashley Mastbergen


Music Therapy Services in South Dakota

In the land of pioneers, music therapy is being pioneered! As one of two music therapy private practices in South Dakota, Music Therapy Empowers, LLC has found a great home here! It has been fun to be at the forefront! One of the first music therapists to explain what music therapy is and what it is not here in our great state.

Music Therapy Services In South Dakota

What is Music Therapy?

As you may have guessed, many folks ask this question in our area. Music therapy is in reference to a specific healthcare profession, which means that we speak of music therapy as occurring when the session is led by a music therapist who is facilitating specific changes through music.

Here Is The Equation.....

1 Board-Certified professional who has completed an approved program + music therapy interventions + credentials + meeting a health need (including communication, social, physical and/or emotional goals) = music therapy!

Same Service, Different Looks

Music therapy may look different in each session because it is individualized.

South Dakota, A Great Place For Music Therapy

is great to offer this service to the community in the land of great faces, lakes, hills and wide skies the future is bright for clients who are empowered through music therapy. This is the reason why the slogan of Music Therapy Empowers is "empowering change through the power of music"!

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