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Healing Harmonies is a

consultative service of Music

Therapy Empowers, LLC.

Consultative services can be

used in conjunction with a

music therapy program, or

as a separate supportive



Through this program you can:

-Offer personalized music for residents throughout the day to provide comfort and enjoyment. It can provide around-the-clock emotional support.

-Use music to support the daily routine, making ADLs less stressful for residents and caregivers.


-Integrate music into group reminiscence activities and musical games (to build community and that feeling of


Available Services:

1. Recorded Music Program-Original creative recordings (composed/recorded by Kristina) and/or standard recordings from popular artists are used.


2. Staff will be trained on how to use singing and recorded music to connect with residents.


3. Instruction for staff will be given on how to sing and use recorded music to reduce behaviors and agitation.

How it works:

1. An in-person music preferences assessment will be completed for each resident/ family member.


2. A set of personalized playlists will be created for each resident/family member, using their preferred music.


3. Kristina will work with staff/caregivers on how to use music most effectively for your residents’/family member's needs, through monthly consultation and unlimited email support.

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