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"Developmentally musical was a wonderful, novel approach to introducing music to my toddler while at the same time encouraging speech and social development.  The songs were fun and fantastic, the instruments lively and engaging.  Overall, a phenomenal experience!"

--Parent of preschoolers


Language Development

Sing/chant words

Syllabic learning

Phonemes learning

Creative input

Descriptive vocabulary

Storytelling through music

 Pre-Literacy Skills

Learn building blocks of literacy such as character representation

Contextual instrument play with visuals and songs based out on story

Playing with sounds

Creative Expression

Move creatively


Play with sounds and syllables

Create soundscapes with peers 

Explore other cultures and lands

Explore music through improvisation

Interpersonal Skills


Learn to respond to musical and non-musical social interactions

Explore social relationships during social skills songs


Bond with mom, dad or family member

School Readiness

Follow instructions

Take turns

Focus attention

Learn how to transition more smoothly with music

Learning how to interact and modify interactions with peers

Kristina is looking to partner with local early childhood programs! 


Music therapists are Board-Certified professionals who are specialists in adapting music for non-musical goals across the life span of any individual. Music therapists use a variety of instruments and elements of music to meet the needs of young children.   

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