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Beautiful vocal music accompanied by harp, keyboard or guitar music for weddings and events.

I specialize in playing ANY song the couple desires for the ceremony! Every couple wants to remember their music fondly. Custom-curated music allows couples to transfer themselves back to their wedding day through music! 

Add-on packages are available to make your wedding music even more special! 


What Is Included In Your Live Wedding Music Booking

1. I reserve the time and date in advance with no deposit needed.

2.  We choose songs that fit your desires/needs. I can choose for you, help you choose or you choose the songs you'd like and how much music you'd want.

3. We choose the right fit for the arrangement of those songs (i.e. acoustic vs electric, etc.)

4. We choose the instrumentation you would like and style of song, you'd prefer. (i.e. harp vs guitar vs keyboard)
5. I load and bring my equipment and instruments within your setting and stand-alone sound system so there's no need to arrange and coordinate sound with your venue (unless it is quite large).

6. We make sure the music is set up where you'd like and scheduled for when you want the music to flow in and out of your ceremony!

7. You have the opportunity to have a recording created, wall hanging momento and an original song written just for your lives together.


1. I'm on a tight budget, what does ceremony music cost?

Couples often spend a good deal of money on the DJ at the dance. However, ceremony music is just as important! Your wedding is the actual event and imagery that you will hold in your mind forever. 

I evaluate your cost of wedding ceremony music on a case-by case basis. Every couple has different needs and wants-not to mention...budget. The range of cost is $300-$700 per event.   The first step is to set up an initial free consultation where you tell me about what you'd like and what you wouldn't like or need.  Then I email an estimate to you. Once you sign the estimate and email it back to me that seals your date and you're booked! NO DEPOSIT necessary!

2. I already have a relative or friend that is singing-so do I need anything more

I think it is so wonderful when loved ones can share their music with you and your future spouse! What a wonderful memory! Usually, a song or two is a great way for a loved one to join in your wedding.


Imagine your guests sitting down and the stage is set with your favorite lyrics representing you and your spouse's love and life long before you or your finance enter the ceremony space. From the very start when the first guest arrives, the atmosphere is filled with beautiful, light background music as your guests situate in their seats. Then at the end of the wedding, your favorite song is played celebrating your lifelong love! You can recall this song and fondly remember one of the greatest days of your life!

What if my church has rules that need to be approved?

I can work with your pastor to make sure we abide by the church rules and include the sacred music you desire. There is AN ENTIRE world of music with AMAZING lyrics just waiting to be included in your wedding! There are many beautiful sacred songs and church-recommended songs that we can use.

3. Where do I start with ceremony music? That's my job! I would love to curate your wedding music collection in collaboration with you and your spouse! We can create the perfect flow of music to frame your wedding including what instruments you want and songs played when you would like them to be played.

Contact Me!


Morgan Stevenson,Bride

" Kristina made our day so special!

She helped us pick out the perfect songs for our quaint ceremony. 

You can tell she is a professional musician who puts alot of care and thought into her performance. 


She is so talented and her performance was beautiful!"

Nancy Matson, Event Chair

I got to know Kristina when she took part in a women’s event at my church. She sings and plays her harp beautifully. From the first time I contacted her to the day of the event, Kristina was great to work with. She was very open to my ideas, but also added some very good ideas and suggestions herself. There were only positive comments from those in attendance of the event. Kristina would definitely be a beautiful addition to many different types of events.

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