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Beautiful vocal music accompanied by harp, keyboard or guitar music for weddings and events.

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Morgan Stevenson,Bride

"Kristina made our day so special!

She helped us pick out the perfect songs for our quaint ceremony. You can tell she is a professional musician who puts alot of care and thought into her performance. She is so talented and her performance was beautiful!"

Stefini Thomsen, Mother of the Bride

"You were great, Kristina! Thank you for being part of our daughter's wedding! My dad (who has passed) loved the harp at weddings so it was so special to be able to add this to our daughter's wedding.  It was a total success!"


"Wonderful! Kristina's very easy to work with and plays beautifully! She really wants to get to know what songs you like and is good with adding in vocals."


KC Herman, Avera Regional Foundation Director

The performance at our event was wonderful! So happy we had her sing during our event!

Double Bogeys, DeSmet, SD

Kristina has the voice of an Angel, and a kind soul to match!

Grit. Grace.
Music for the Prairie

Hire me for your next gig!

I play and sing for special events and outdoor events. I am Professional vocalist. I sound most like Alison Krauss, Lauren Diagle, and Adele. Check out my Facebook page for some videos of me playing and singing.

Excellent cover music, country, vintage (oldies) folk, Christian & religious, (contemporary or traditional ), ambient and easy listening.  See music videos on my Facebook page @PrairieGirlMelodies!


harp, guitar, banjo, vocals, uke, keys

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