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As a young child, Kristina enjoyed singing in choir and helping people.  Kristina often sang with the family dog and held theatrical performances for her parents. In high school, Kristina enjoyed singing with the Tipton Concert Choir and enjoyed seeing and feeling the emotional reactions while performing for others. 


When beginning to look at careers, Kristina told her guidance counselor she wanted to help people with music but also had interests in graphic design. Kristina submitted an application for a job shadow and observed a music therapist working in Eastern Iowa.


After talking with professors at Wartburg College in Waverly , IA. Kristina began studying with a major in music therapy and with a minor in communication and leadership. All music therapists begin working with clients under the supervision of professors during college years. She enjoyed beginning to develop professional skills. Throughout college, Kristina enjoyed conducting research and learning about the psychology of music. 


 In July of 2012, Kristina graduated with Cum Laude honors, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Music and a Leadership Certificate and communication minor. She earned her Board Certification and earned Neurologic Music Therapy Certification in 2013. Kristina also has had experience in using the Bonny Guided Method of Imagery and completed her training in Level 1 in 2013. 


Kristina Gindo has specialized knowledge including working with individuals with brain injuries, geriatrics, children and adults with Autism and developmental disabilities. She also specializes in sensory approaches and assisting individuals with communication impairments.


Kristina succesfully completed her internship, as the first intern, in a variety of settings at Laura Baker Services Association in Northfield, Minnesota. Kristina served adults and children with developmental disabilities, children with developmental disabilities and seniors as arranged by contract agreements during her internship. 


Kristina then began working as Director of Music Therapy and Snoezelen at a facility for adults with physical and mental disabilities in Northwest Iowa. She enjoyed working with adults with developmental disabilities as she learned how to individualize services for the strengths and needs of each client.  


Kristina then transferred to the Brookings, South Dakota area. Since moving , Kristina has enjoyed educating the area and community about music therapy. She has begun programs at several locations and is proud to be supporting rural South Dakota residents with music therapy services. 


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