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"Music therapy makes my parents very happy. I notice that not just during the sessions but also later during the day. It brings so much joy into their lives. Being isolated at home, they love having someone who is interested in thier lives. It allows them to reminisce about important times in thier lives. It helped my mom re-gain some of her former music skills. I know my dad loves singing old hymns that he sang when he was younger." (daughter)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart - Public Domain
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Decreases anxiety

Decreases depression

Reduces physical pain

Facilitates communication

Decreases agitation

Improves self-esteem

Improves orientation

Maintains memory and cognitive skills



  • Kristina will travel to your loved one's place of residence at home or at a long-term care facility.                                   

  • Although this is a new concept to some folks, Kristina is able to develop rapport and her visits are welcomed.


  • A session is planned so the client is comfortable and at ease.

  • The session is NOT a lesson since the client is not expected to learn how to play a musical instrument, unless it is requested by the client and/or caregiver.                                                                                     

  • The session is planned around wellness goals such as  increasing relaxation or memory recall or elevating the client's mood.

    • Kristina is a board-certified music therapist, (MT-BC), who uses her knowledge of neurology to treat the client's needs with music and to document progress. 

  • Kristina can provide relaxation by singing and playing the harp (all tailored to client's interests and momentary needs).

    •  Or develop cognitive skills by writing a song or encouraging recall to lyrics.

  • There are many exciting possibilties tailored to your family's needs such as a legacy project.

  • Click here to contact Kristina Gindo and get started on brightening your loved one's  life with music!

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