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Community Outreach

Did you know your regional music therapist is a trained drumming group facilitator?
Kristina is planning groups for the community!  



What is community music therapy? 

It is simply when a community wants to address a need through music .

As a society we have moved away from making music together. Music therapists are qualified in addressing individual needs and making music for the fufillment of non-musical goals. Positive music-making directly benefits positive interactions, and the community as a whole.



Where would this be done?

At any organization through the community such as :


  • Creative arts program at the library for children

  • After-school program

  • Recreational department

  • Seniors' center

  • Team building activity at a corporate office


This includes community drum circles or drum circles and other instrument play activities.   The groups are very fun. Also, the goals would be suited for the group's needs and type of members involved.


For example,  if leading at-risk teens, Kristina would lead the teens while writing a rap which focuses on emotional expression. Whereas, a community recreation program would focus on drumming for wellness or creating music for wellness. Developmental goals may be addressed such as teamwork and creativity while working with individual or group.



MORE THAN DRUMMING IS INVOLVED! Kristina uses a variety of musical tools to engage everyone in playing that sounds in sync as a group, while still providing opportunities for individual creativity.


How can this be financed?

There are many ways to fund a community-based music therapy group. An organization can fund the cost of a group by paying through their own budget, participating in a grant, contacting a local donor, or partnering with other organizations.


Such events garner positive regard for the community and the organizations involved and are a unique investment opportunity. Events can be a one-time event, seasonal, or for any duration that individual parties involved would choose.

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